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  • Couples Therapy

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    Couples Therapy

    Can your relationship with your partner improve?

    The intimate partnership is one of our primary relationships. It carries the weight of current expectations, past histories/grievances, and future promises so it’s not surprising that there are times of unrest and perhaps, even crisis. Lack of communication, division of labor, parenting difficulties, sex issues, work stress, and financial problems are just some of the issues that challenge relationships. Drawing from the experts (Gottman, Johnson, Schwartz), we tailor each session to the couple’s specific needs, providing a safe place to explore problems and create healthy solutions together.

    Couples Therapy Helps Partners:

    • Better understand yourself, your partner, and your relationship
    • Discover how to compromise
    • Learn how to handle individual differences
    • Understand how to be loving
    • Find the root of the problems
    • Communicate without defensiveness
    • Overcome difficult impasses
    • Share honest feelings
    • Limit judgment and defensiveness
    • Communicating without defensiveness
    • Find new strategies for solving problems
    • Make lasting changes based on shared goals