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  • Individual Therapy

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    No matter the age, there is no one path that leads to a fulfilling life. There are many. Psychotherapy is not a quick fix or an easy answer. It is a complex and rich process that, over time, enhances insight, reduces symptoms, and improves one’s functioning and quality of life.

    For adults, therapy is a process of discovering your own creative path for living a more balanced, authentic life. For some this may mean exploring one’s life narrative; how the past informs the present and shapes the future. For others, it may mean focusing more on the present; learning and practicing new skills to set a new course. The wonderful thing about change is it can start in thought- cultivating greater self-awareness or behavior- learning a new skill.

    Therapy helps children in similar ways to modify behavior, learn new skills, and understand and resolve problems.

    There are several types of psychotherapy that involve different approaches, techniques, and interventions. At times, a combination of different psychotherapy approaches may be helpful and in some cases, a combination of medication with psychotherapy may be more effective.

    Whatever the goal, managing stress, overcoming anxiety and depression, improving relationships, improving executive functioning, or dealing with life transitions, therapy is about creating meaningful, lasting change that contributes to a sense of fulfillment in your own life and in your relationships with others. We start where you are and go where you want to go gently directing the process toward the goal of positive change.

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