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  • In-Person or Telehealth Counseling for Teens in Greenwich, CT

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    Adolescence is a period in life that comes with many questions, which is why teenagers must have access to resources during this time. That’s where we come in. M Kim O’Connor and Associates supports adolescents and their families with evidence-based psychotherapy and psycho-educational tools. Our practice provides a safe space for youths in Greenwich, Connecticut, to explore their feelings and develop better self-awareness through in-person or telehealth counseling for teens. 

    What Teen Counseling Can Offer You 

    Specialized counseling for teens addresses a variety of needs and issues, promoting healthier emotional and social development and providing help in the form of: 

    • Support for dealing with anxiety, depression, and other emotional concerns 
    • Strategies to enhance self-esteem and body image 
    • Tools for managing academic and social pressures 
    • Guidance on building healthy relationships with family and peers 
    • Coping skills for handling stress and making responsible decisions 

    Our licensed clinicians are experienced in working with young people from all backgrounds and are adept at addressing the unique psychological needs of teenagers, including neurodivergent teens. No matter what you may be dealing with, we will ensure that you and your family get the support you need to thrive! 

    The Path to Better Mental Well-Being Starts Here 

    If you or someone you know is struggling and could benefit from having a confidential space to talk, M Kim O’Connor and Associates is here to help. Contact us today to see how our counseling for teens can assist your teenager in building a better future. We offer individual and family counseling in Greenwich and throughout Fairfield County.