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  • Individual Therapy with Adults

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    Is It Time To Prioritize You?

    The responsibilities of adult life can often feel stressful, and at times overwhelming. Striking a balance with all that is asked of us isn’t easy and adding anxiety, depression, ADHD, unresolved childhood trauma, health challenges, and relational issues with loved ones to the mix can make it even more difficult.

    Do you want to create a greater sense of ease and plan for a healthier more authentic future? We are here to support you on that journey. Whether you are a young, middle-aged, or older adult, there is no one path that leads to a fulfilling life. There are many. Therapy is a process of discovering your own creative path for living a more embodied, joyful, and purposeful life.

    Individual therapy can help you:

    • Strengthen Interpersonal Relationships
    • Enhance Communication Skills
    • Build Confidence l Increase Self-Compassion
    • Practice a Healthy Work/School/Life Balance
    • Fulfill Professional l Academic Potential
    • Navigate Suburban Life
    • Improve Self-care l Manage Stress In Healthy Ways
    • Navigate Life Transitions
    • Process Grief/Loss
    • Create Healthier Habits l Decrease Procrastination
    • Manage Depression
    • Manage Anxiety
    • Heal From Trauma
    • Explore Purpose

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