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  • M. Kim O’Connor, LCSW

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    About Me

    I am a clinical social worker and psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience working with youth and adults in a variety of settings including hospitals, mental health centers, not-for-profits, and schools from Washington D.C. to NYC and currently in Westchester where I have lived and worked since 2001.

    In addition to private practice, I teach Advanced Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment and Mindfulness in Social Work in the NYU School of Social Work Master’s Program. I am actively engaged in my community, supporting the well-being of youth and families through volunteer work with a variety of local youth and family organizations.

    My Approach

    I have a collaborative, goal-oriented approach, tailored to each individual and shaped by my own training, experience, and interests as well as my curiosity, empathy, and respect for others. My practice is informed by a wide variety of influences (psychodynamic training, parent management training, cognitive-behavioral studies including DBT, M-CBT, ACT) and interests (mindfulness, parenting issues, work/life balance, life transitions, and neuroscience).

    The single most important aspect of therapy, no matter the approach, is our ability to connect with one another in authentic ways, in which one feels understood.

    My Specialties

    I work with teens, adults, and parents on a variety of issues including stress and anxiety, depression, ADHD; adjusting to life events and transitions; interpersonal conflict and communication; relationship issues; parenting problems; academic and occupational struggles; and emotional regulation issues.

    My Self Care

    I love animals, reading, and gardening. I like to travel, both to see new places and to make new friends. I’m committed to my meditation practice that helps me feel grounded in times of struggle. I’ve recently rediscovered writing and am learning to blog – stay tuned.

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